Our Services

Below, there is an overview of services we provide. For non-financial companies, the first three topics apply. All the topics are useful for financial companies. We are also happy to discuss any other opportunities/projects and to meet your needs!
Your Data, Our Playground - Let's Have Some Fun Analyzing!

1) Data Analysis

Do you encounter any challenges in managing data or do you want to gain deeper insights into your data? Amsshare is here to support in conducting tailored Data Analysis. Data Analysis ensures that upcoming decisions are based on grounding data. For example, we can perform (pooled) regression analyses by using Machine Learning Techniques like LASSO. Through these methodologies, the primary drivers of your sales or other variables can be identified. These techniques can also be used to determine whether you should or should not invest in an opportunity to extend your business. 

We also offer support in interpretating descriptive statistics for large datasets, creating event studies and carrying out Business Forecasts (e.g. time-series ARIMA forecasting or volatility forecasting).

2) Power BI Dashboards

Amsshare can support in creating interactive Power BI Dashboards. Whether it’s tracking sales performance, liquidity metrics, fund prices or other KPIs, we can develop dynamic dashboards to provide deeper data-driven insights. We can execute this on your preferred frequency, such as for each quarter (Q1 to Q4).

3) Improvement of your Models & Reports

Amsshare can support in improving your Excel/Rstudio models and reports. For instance, we can improve an Excel model, making it reusable for recurring calculations. This transformation streamlines the process, allowing users to insert new input data and simply press ‘update’ to generate the refreshed results. Our goal is to make your analytical tools more efficient and user-friendly.

4) Develop Fund/Stock Price Simulation Models

Amsshare can support in developing models for price simulations. For example, we can create simulations based on advanced theories like Heston and/or Black-Scholes. These sophisticated simulations models enhance the accuracy of your calculations, such as Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall calculations.

5) Financial Hedging Tools

Amsshare can support in developing Hedging Tools where financial derivatives are used to hedge specific risks associated with a fund. For example, we can create tailored hedging tools like a Delta Hedge, Delta-Gamma Hedge and/or Delta-Vega Hedge, based on the Heston and/or Black-Scholes models.

6)Implementation of Financial Regulations

In 2024, the Dutch Financial Authority (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank are directing their attention towards the sustainability transition within the financial sector. As of 2024, compliance with the new Corporate Sustainability Regulation Directive (2022/2464/EU) becomes mandatory for listed European companies and major non-listed companies. A crucial component of the CSRD regulation is the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). Amsshare specializes in assisting financial companies in the implementation of these regulations, including the SFDR, and others guided by the EBA or ESMA, such as UCITS.