Financial Services

Below is an overview of services we provide related to Finance. We are also happy to discuss any other projects and to meet your needs!

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1) Quantitative Modeling for Financial Analysis

Amsshare provides quantitative modeling services that support financial decision-making. Our models incorporate advanced theories such as the Heston and Black-Scholes frameworks, enhancing the accuracy of financial assessments. We develop a range of financial models, including Value-at-Risk, Expected Shortfall, Price Simulation models, and other essential risk and performance-based models. When you partner with us, you have the flexibility to choose how we collaborate: we can develop and transfer the models to your team, or manage the calculations and deliver the results to you on a regular basis.

2) Financial Hedging Tools

Amsshare develops Hedging Tools where financial derivatives are used to hedge specific risks associated with investment funds. We design tailored solutions such as Delta Hedge, Delta-Gamma Hedge, and Delta-Vega Hedge tools, employing advanced frameworks like the Heston and Black-Scholes models. Our hedging tools are developed to be user-friendly, enabling effective risk management with precision and ease. The Hedging Tool can be transferred to your team, or we manage the calculations and deliver the results to you on a regular basis. 

3)Implementation of Financial Regulations and Reporting

In 2024, the Dutch Financial Authority (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank are directing their attention towards the sustainability transition within the financial sector. As of 2024, compliance with the new Corporate Sustainability Regulation Directive (2022/2464/EU) becomes mandatory for listed European companies and major non-listed companies. A crucial component of the CSRD regulation is the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). Amsshare specializes in assisting financial companies in the implementation of these regulations, including the SFDR, and others guided by the EBA or ESMA, such as UCITS.

4) Financial Reporting Dashboards

Amsshare provides Financial Reporting Dashboards, designed to support your organization’s financial management needs. We offer dashboards that can be built using different software platfors, including Power BI or Excel. Our service includes the creation of mandatory dashboards for compliance purposes, as well as customized dashboards for tracking investment fuds or assessing risk metrics. These dashboards are designed to be intuitive and facilitate a clear understanding of complex financial data, helping your team make informed decisions efficiently.